The Earth

We all live in the universe
in this universe there is a special galaxy
in this galaxy there is a special planet:
The earth

From a big distance it looks like a green and blue ball.
But it is more:
This ball called the earth is full of intelligent life.

If you have a closer look at our planet earth called the great mother,
you can recognize lots of human groups
living on different islands surrounded by blue water called oceans.
Human beings created exciting places called towns or cities.
People all over the world are connected:
They talk in different languages but often they speak English.
They use different techniques but all of them make use of energy:
Electrification that lights the dark nights
Telecommunication that minimalizes the distance between different places
Transportation via cars, trains, planes and ships
Computerization that leads to a big net called the world wide web
You might think all people on this planet live in a paradise
full of harmony, healing power and hope.

The main question is the essential question:
All people look for money and power to survive.
But what do those people do having money and power?

Humans must do something terribly wrong:
This planet is full of disparities!
Why are so many people poor while some people are so rich,
Why are still today so many wars,
Why is our planet so polluted,
Why are so many people dependent on vicarious satisfaction?

Creating a wonderful future means,
Hard work to develop our own abilities
Living self-restraint and practising sustainability
For our lovely great mother:
The earth